As I watch the Christmas Lights go up this season, it is apparent that LED lights are starting to make the scene. That "alien glow" of the "white" LED lights next to the houses with those traditional strands of Christmas lights is difficult for this traditionalist to swallow.

There is something about tradition that just warms my soul and settles my worries, especially as these holidays gear up! I love those white deer creatures with their tiny little lights and those houses that just put them on so heavy, you are surprised all the snow hasn't melted in the yard. And I love that my husband gets on our house every year and hangs those strands, curses at those plastic hangers that break, and (always safely, of course) walks across the house pulling more strands of Christmas.

Much to my surprise, this year, when the last strand was plugged in, I discovered at that moment my "energy-saving-electrician-husband" decided to convert us to LED...all seven strands of 250 lights each. And proudly announced, "We are using less electric in our whole yard than the two strands on the tree. Wadduya think? Wanna switch?"

As I looked at the glow, then up to see if a spacecraft was planning to land on our "glowing" house, I realized there was no turning back. This is it. LEDs have our house to stay.

So, if you are traveling through this year, and looking at the difference, I would love to hear your thoughts. Tweet us, visit us on Facebook. But let us know what side you are on.

Do you love the traditional, or have you converted to the LED? And what did you put up at your house?

Happy holidays!
Mrs OHI Electric

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The Lights go on at Christmas